The GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System is a programming environment similar to MATLAB, but with greater emphasis on data analysis and data modeling. It is used primarily in the disciplines of economics and engineering.
Highlights: Data analysis and Statistics package.


GAUSS is licensed software and is available on the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) with the current version being 13.1. Currently, 4 instances may be run simultaneously.


There is one user executable program called tgauss. It provides a command-line interface to the language interpreter, debugger, and help system.

To start an interactive session, type:

scc1% tgauss

When you are done, exit GAUSS by typing quit:

(gauss) quit

To run a GAUSS program called prog in your current directory, type:

scc1% tgauss -b prog

To run the above program through the batch system, type:

scc1% qsub -b y tgauss -b prog

Additional Help/Documentation

The GAUSS manuals are available in pdf form in /usr/local/gauss/doc. The manuals and additional information can be found at the vendor’s website:

A number of other useful links are available at Eric Zivot’s GAUSS Resources, particularly Felix Ritchie’s guide to Programming in GAUSS.