ABAQUS is a general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis program. This program is outside our areas of expertise. Help/Documentation resources are mentioned below.

Availability and Setup

ABAQUS version 6.12 is available on the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC).


To invoke ABAQUS, type:

scc1% abaqus

To start the CAE graphical interface, type:

scc1% abaqus cae -mesa

Additional Help/Documentation

A large collection of ABAQUS documentation and tutorials is avaialble here (link only works for internal BU users). Another option to access this material is to either use the “Help” menu from within the ABAQUS graphical interface or, on the command line, type:

scc1% abaqus doc

Either method should cause the material to come up in your web browser.

Visit the Simulia site, the developers of ABAQUS. They have a variety of resources there.

If you need to access the hardcopy documentation for ABAQUS, we do have an old copy (version 6.5-7 ) which is available in the Computer Graphics Lab (Room 203, 111 Cummington Mall).