Local Workers

If you have a personal computer (MS or Linux based) with multicores, these processors are called local workers in PCT. If you have a valid BU account, the use of PCT functionalities triggers the automatic license checkout process. No user action is required. The primary advantage of running the PCT on your local computer is that there is no queue and hence there is no wait time. This is especially good if you want to use pmode for interactive parallel processing for learning, debugging as well as running jobs with a small number of processors (PCT permits up to 4 local workers). In addition, using the local workers requires no worker licenses. Users using their local workers will not have to wait for worker licenses to free up on a busy day.

To use the multiprocessors on your client computer, you need the following:

  1. You have a valid BU account.
  2. You need to install MATLAB 2008b, as well as the companion Parallel Computing Toolbox, on your local machine. You can either purchase it through your department or borrow a copy from Information Services & Technology provided that you meet these conditions.

To run the PCT on a local, multicore, computer, there is NO NEED to perform batch configuration setup, as “local” is the default batch configuration setting when you install MATLAB/PCT. If you have installed PCT, your MATLAB window should show “Parallel” as one of the top level drop-down menu items such as “Files” and “Edit”. Another way to confirm that PCT is installed would be to enter “numlabs” at the MATLAB prompt. It should return 1. You could also type “matlabpool size” at the prompt, it should return 0 instead of an error message to the effect that matlabpool is not defined.