The following describes the business process that we will be using with BU works and Sourcing to process requests for purchases through the research computing Buy-in Program.

After the researcher consults with the Research Computing Services technical staff to determine the purchase that best meets their needs, the researcher or the grant/departmental administrator should supply us (Email to: with the following information:

Contact Information:

  • Person Requesting Buy-in:
  • Departmental Authorizer (must be able to approve shopping carts and funding sources indicated below):
    • Back up Authorizer (in case primary person is away):
  • Contact Information:
    • Including email, departmental address and telephone number of primary shopping cart authorizer as well as person requesting the purchase.

Financial Information:

  • All funding sources that should be charged: (one or more of the following)
    • Fund Center / Cost Center.
    • Internal Order.
    • Asset Account.
  • Splits if multiple funding sources are being used, please supply us either with a percentage or dollar breakdown of how costs should be distributed
  • General ledger account(s) you would like us to use.
  • For Grant based funding sources please indicate when the funding will expire.

Once we receive the above information, we will generate one or more BU works shopping cart(s). This shopping cart will show up in the BU works worklist for each of the Departmental Authorizers associated with the items in the cart. We will also notify the Authorizers that the shopping cart is ready for approval. Note that since we will be aggregating orders, the shopping cart may contain multiple items and have multiple authorizers. The shopping cart will need to be approved by all authorizer before we will be able to order any of the equipment.

The workflow of the shopping cart will be as follows:

Please note, particularly for grant funding, that we expect the equipment being purchased to constitute a capital equipment purchase and we will attach an internal note to that effect on the shopping cart before it is sent to Post Award Financial Operations and Asset Management for review.

We will notify the requesters and authorizers once the equipment is delivered and the invoice released for payment.

Please send all information or questions to: