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What are birthright privileges?

  • BUID
  • BU Login and Kerberos Password
  • Exchange mailbox
  • Access to SAP ESS
  • Wireless/VPN Access
  • Skype for Business
  • Representation in AD

When and how does the BU Login name get created?

The invitation to set up a BU Login is sent immediately upon approval of hire form in SAP through automation from SAP to WebNew.

When do the privileges become active?

As soon as the New Hire goes through the BU Login account set up process the BU Login/Kerberos, Exchange, Wireless/VPN, Skype and AD settings are immediately activated. Skype is activated by an overnight batch process. Access to SAP ESS and full display in the Online Directory are not set up until the start of employment.

What happens when a new employee does not complete their I-9?

BU Login will be deactivated if employee does not complete their I-9 Part 2 within 3 days of their employment date.

What happens when a new employee completes their I-9 Part 2 after they had been disabled for I-9 non-compliance?

BU Login will be automatically reinstated after the I-9 Completion is recorded in SAP. The reinstatement will be processed overnight, so if an earlier reinstatement is needed – HR can forward a re-activation request after I9 requirement is satisfied. The procedure to use is standard krb_enable.

When does the BU Login get disabled for terminated/retired employees?

Deactivation of BU Login will be effective on termination date unless employee has remaining affiliations with the university (e.g. student, alumni or retiree). In addition, ex-employeees with Research Computing accounts will not be disabled.

When does the Exchange email get deactivated?

Deactivation of Exchange email will be effective on termination date. Retirees, Students, and Alumni are entitled to Gmail, which will be provisioned at termination, unless email is forwarded to off-campus mailbox. A terminated employee will not have access to their historical work email. This includes employees who terminate and transition to a student affiliation.

Do terminated employees keep their Wireless/VPN access?

Deactivation of wireless/VPN access will be effective on termination date unless their remaining affiliations entitle access (Students). Retirees (as well as Alumni and Unregistered/Withdrawn students) can use guest wireless. VPN will remain available to ex-employees with Research Computing accounts.

If a terminated employee needs to continue their affiliation with the University as a guest, what will need to be done to keep their access enabled?

The employee should be terminated from their SAP position and moved into a non-compensated position. This will give the terminated employee a guest affiliation and they will be able to retain their birthright privileges without any interruptions in access. A Manager or Payroll Coordinator can perform these actions. Additionally, the ex-employee can be sponsored as a guest by filling out the Guest Account Request form.

How should requests to create a BU Login for an employee be handled?

If the individual is an employee, they should contact their Manager or Payroll Coordinator to make sure they are hired into the SAP system. Once the employee record is created in SAP, it initiates a pre-approval email invitation for the employee to see up their BU Login and to provision the birthright privileges. Use of useradm should be limited to only guest, departmental and service accounts. Alternatively, with regards to guests, the Guest Account Request form can be used.

How should requests to create a BU Login for a guest be handled?

The Guest Account Request form should be used for ALL requests for BU Login. Answers to the questions within the form will help error out inappropriate requests and only submit valid guest new and renewal requests to the IS&T Help Center. IS&T Help Center staff should encourage all requestors to fill out this form to avoid any non-compliance to HR policies.

Will terminated employees or retirees be displayed in the Online Directory?

No, terminated (for any reason – LTD, Layoff, Voluntary or Involuntary termination) and retired employees should not be displayed in the Online Directory. The only exception to this rule is the retired faculty with a title of Emeritus/Emerita which is considered active.

Do employees on a Leave of Absence lose their birthright privileges?

No, as a matter of policy employees on a Leave of Absence are considered active employees and retain all their employee access.

My information does not appear correct in the BU Online or Exchange Directory.  What should I do?

Depending on the information that needs to be changed, most fields can be updated in either BUworks Central or on the Online Directory itself. You can find more information at

If the incorrect information is related to position. The employee should contact their Manager or Payroll Coordinator.

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