Reinstall Host On-Demand

Occasionally the Host On-Demand software will be updated. When this happens the upgrade is installed on the UIS mainframe, and the first time you access the HOD web page after the upgrade the new software will automatically download to your computer.

The majority of users may not even notice when this happens. Some users, however, may experience problems running HOD on a computer that was previously working okay. The most common symptom is that a browser window opens that has the blue title bar reading “IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand,” but the four mainframe session icons do not appear.

A likely reason is that your browser has one or more pop-up blockers active. If you have the Google or Yahoo toolbar installed, most likely there’s a pop-up blocker associated with it. Check to make sure they are all turned off, including your browser’s built-in blocker. Once HOD is updated you can turn the blocker back on. (We recommend that you have allowed as an approved source of pop-ups, in order to prevent similar problems the next time HOD is updated.) Then, close your browser, restart it, and reconnect to the HOD web page.

If HOD still does not work, the following procedure will uninstall and then reinstall HOD.


  1. Start Browser, navigate to (Note case sensitivity.)
  2. Click OK to remove HOD.
  3. Clear Browser cache (temporary Internet files), close browser.
  4. Open Java Control Panel.
  5. Delete Java cache (temporary Internet files), close Java Control Panel.
  6. Restart browser, navigate to to reinstall HOD. (Remember that all pop-up blockers must be disabled.)


  1. Navigate to the user’s Home directory and manually delete the two folders, HODData and HODObjs.
  2. Run the Java Preferences application (in the Applications/Utilities folder) and delete the temporary Internet and Java cache files.
  3. Clear the cache (temporary iIternet files) in the browser preferences.
  4. Restart the computer to empty all of the system-level caches.
  5. Restart browser, navigate to to reinstall HOD. (Remember that all pop-up blockers must be disabled.)

If you continue to have problems, please contact the IT Help Center.