About the Project

The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Reporting Usability project was a collaboration involving shoppers and approvers from across the University, the BUworks Business Warehouse reporting team and the Sourcing & Procurement Office. The project went live on February 16, 2016. The principal objectives of this effort were to:

  1. Simplify and streamline SRM reports;
  2. Improve ease of use;
  3. Improve consistency among report Variables, Characteristics and Key Figures, and
  4. Include many additional data elements requested by the user community

The result is a completely revamped set of reports that are easier to use and which provide a broad range of data that will enable report users to answer their questions regarding shopping carts, purchase orders, vendors, invoices and payments.

Report Overview

Here is a brief description of the available SRM reports. For a more detailed look at each of the reports, please refer to the User’s Guide referenced in the next section.

  • BU Spend (BUS) – View invoiced transaction activity by vendor, PO vs non-PO purchases, payment amounts, clearing numbers and dates, item description, shopper, etc.
  • Purchasing Document Lifecycle (PDL) – View the status of a purchasing transaction from shopping cart creation through PO assignment, invoice receipt and payment.
  • Shopping Cart Approval (SCA) – View the approvers and approval dates for all approved shopping carts as well as the status of any shopping carts awaiting approval. Report focus is on shopping carts rather than purchase orders and invoices.
  • Purchase Order Status (POS) – View PO-related data including processing status, items requested, shopper, order quantity and value. Report focus is on purchase orders rather than shopping carts and invoices.
  • Limit Order Status (LOS) – View all active Limit Orders for your Funds Center. Information available includes original set-up amount (and adjustments, if applicable), total spent to date, amount remaining to spend, and Limit Order end-date. Report provides info on SC and invoices related to limit orders.

User’s Guide and Related Resources

The SRM Reporting User’s Guide describes each of the reports, shows how to run the report, contains Key Figure definitions (by report), and contains Tips & Tricks for each report.

Definitions of Characteristics and Key Figures used in SRM (Distributed) reports

SRM Characteristics and Key Figures unique to reports – not all SRM reports contain all Characteristics and Key Figures. This table lists, by report, the data fields unique to a given report. In other words, this Guide answers the question: What fields are unique to this report?

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ) and Reports to use to Develop Answers


An instructor-led training session is offered on a monthly basis: Introduction to SRM BW Reports