With many web applications it is sometimes necessary to make various adjustments to your browser’s settings. Please select your browser below and follow the instructions provided for the particular browser feature you would like to adjust.



  1. Select Firefox from the menu bar and click About Firefox from the drop down list.
    About Firefox Mac
  2. Your version number will be listed next to the Firefox logo
    Firefox version number

It is recommended that you set Firefox to prevent automatic updates. The exact location of this setting may vary depending on your operating system and current browser version.


  1. Select Firefox from the menu bar.
  2. Choose Preferences from the list.
    FF Preferences
  3. Select the Advanced tab from the Preferences panel.
    Advanced Preferences FF
  4. Select the Update sub-tab.
    Firefox Update pref
  5. Choose the radial button for Never check for updates.
    Firefox Updates
  6. Close the preferences panel to save your changes.

If it’s too late and Firefox has updated, it can be helpful to downgrade to the previous recommended version of Firefox. (If you do opt to downgrade, please open this instruction page in another browser so you will have the required steps available after Firefox is uninstalled).


  1. Open the Finder and navigate to the Applications folder. In the Applications folder, find Firefox and drag the application file to the Trash.
    Firefox Application
  2. Once Firefox is in the Trash, right click on the icon and select Empty Trash.
    Empty Trash
  3. In your alternate browser (such as Safari or Google Chrome), download the version of Firefox you want from the list below. Save to the Desktop, if possible, so the file will be easier to find.
  4. Once the download has completed, navigate to the download location (probably either the Desktop or the “Downloads” folder under your user’s directory) to find the file called Firefox.dmg installer file.
    downloads folder
  5. Double click and open the file Firefox .dmg installer file, which will then mount a virtual disk of the image.
  6. Once the virtual disk is open, drag and drop the Firefox icon into the Applications folder, which will then copy the file into your local Applications folder. Once completed, you can safely eject the mounted virtual drive and drag the .dmg file to the Trash.
    Firefox Installation

NOTE: Beginning with version 12, Firefox has an automatic update feature which you will need to disable by following the steps in the ‘Prevent Firefox from doing automatic updates” section above..