Use the information below to better understand the options available to you when deploying a test in Blackboard Learn.

Test Information

The first section of the test options allows you to enter very basic information about your test, including the name and description that is displayed to students.

  • You are required to provide a Name for your test
  • You have the option to enter a description which will be displayed to students to provide additional details about the test.
  • Open Test in New Window specifies whether you want the test to open in a new tab when the students begin taking it. ‘No’ is the default setting

Test Information

Test Availability

The Test Availability section contains options that specify how students see and interact with your test.

  • Make the Link Available governs whether or not students will be able to see the test within the course. Select No to hide the test to students until you are ready to release it. Link Availability
  • Using Multiple Attempts you can allow students to attempt the test as many times as you wish. Each attempt will be recorded in the Grade Center. Multiple Attempts
  • When an exam is deployed in Blackboard with the Force Completion option checked, it requires students to complete the test on their first time opening it. If a student closes their browser or tab, experiences a browser or computer crash, or their connection to the Blackboard server times out, they will not be able to re-enter the test.  It is then up to the instructor to clear the student’s exam attempt so the student can start a new attempt.Force Completion
  • Rather than using Force Completion, it is recommended that you make the exam timed by choosing the Set Timer option. The Timer feature records completion time for an exam. Setting the timer allows you to see how long a student spent on an exam, regardless of any connection issues. When force completion is disabled, the student can reenter the exam. The exam timer continues to record time on the backend even if the student has exited the attempt.One thing to keep in mind when using the timer is that the timer shown to students uses JavaScript and can be affected by the browser and computer settings. The official time is calculated on the Blackboard server. The timer begins when a student starts the assessment and ends when they click Submit. It is good practice to encourage your students to keep a separate timer when taking timed exams as the time displayed in the test status bar can be affected by browser and computer settings and may not always be accurate.
    set Timer
  • When Auto-Submit is enabled the test will save and be submitted automatically when the time limit has been reached. Disabling this option gives the student a choice to continue working on the test once the time limit has passed. Any extra time they spent will be recorded in the grade center.
    Auto Submit
  • Display After and Display Until specify when the test will be visible to students. Use this option to automatically schedule a test to go live rather than manually releasing it using the Make the Link Available option.
    Display dates
  • Use the Password option to set a password and restrict the test to those users who you choose to provide it to.

Due Date

    • You can set a Due Date for your test in this section. Due dates do not affect the test availability, but any tests submitted after the due date will be flagged as late in the Grade Center.

Due Date

Self Assessment Options

    • Include this Test in Grade Center Score Calculations specifies whether the score the students receive will be recorded in the Grade Center calculations. Uncheck this box for practice tests or for anything that you do not want to affect grade averages in Blackboard.
    • Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and the Grade Center can be used for completely anonymous tests. Students will be able to view the results. Avoid choosing this option unless you want do not want to be able to view student answers.

Self Assessment

Test Feedback

Test Feedback allows you to restrict the immediate feedback provided to students upon completion of the test. The default option is Score.

Test Presentation

  • The default option, All at Once will display all questions to students in one page.
  • One at a Time presents the questions in order one at a time. This option can be useful for longer tests because the student is interacting with the system after each question and sending data to the server to be saved as they proceed through the test. You can check the box for Prohibit Backtracking to prevent students from returning to a previous question and changing their answer.
  • Randomize Questions will present the questions in a different order than you created them, regardless of which presentation mode you choose.

Test Presentation