• Ensure that you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed.
  • Download the latest Flash Player if it is not installed on your computer or if you don’t have the latest Flash Player installed.
  • Check to make sure that your sound is turned on and you have speakers or headphones attached to your computer.
  • Check your Firewall to ensure that all of the needed ports are open to allow streaming videos through. Some Firewalls will block streaming video.

A slow Internet connection speed is the most common cause of choppy video playback. Blackboard Learn users with either dial-up or wireless Internet connections may encounter audio or video that cuts out, stutters or pauses if their connection is too slow.

You can test your Internet connection download speed, upload speed and latency. The minimum recommended download speed for streaming audio and video content is 384 kbps; if your connection does not meet these standards, please contact your Internet service provider about getting a faster connection. If your Internet connection exceeds the minimum recommended download speed and you are still experiencing problems with choppy video playback, please confirm that your computer meets the minimum recommend system requirements. Having as few programs open as possible may help some students with audio and video issues.

Accessing Blackboard Learn from Work:

Blackboard Learn users who take courses from their work computers may need to ask their company’s technical support personnel to configure the Firewall. They may not be able to do it themselves. Send a request through the appropriate channels to have the following ports enabled:

Port # TCP or UDP Application
1935 TCP Streaming Video

Accessing Blackboard Learn from Home:

The default settings of the Windows and MAC OS X built-in Firewalls will not interfere with Blackboard Learn. If you have made adjustments to your computer’s built-in Firewall and are experiencing issues with streaming videos, please see our Firewall page for your operating system.