In Blackboard Vista, whenever you want to send a file from your local computer to the system (a remote server), you will need to follow a few steps in order to upload that file. There are three situations where you might need to do this, uploading assignments, sending emails with attachments or attaching files to posts on the discussion boards.

Most of the steps are the same but the starting points are different. So, depending on which task you need to accomplish, select the radio button below to get started with this step-by-step guide.

Uploading Files For…

vista-assignments-icon Assignment Attachments

In the assignment area, before you click on the submit button, you will need to upload your document.

To Start: Click on the Add Attachments button, as shown below.


discussion-icon Discussion Board Attachments

For the discussion boards within Blackboard Vista, there is an extra step when you want to attach a file to your post.

To Start: Click on the discussion board icon and then either select the post you wish to reply to and click the “Reply” button or select the “Create Message” button to create your own post. Finally click the Add Attachments button as shown below.


Uploading Files in Vista

A new window will open. From there:

1. Click the My Computer icon.


If you can’t see the My Computer icon and you are seeing either a red “X” or a coffee mug with two arrows around it, please try the following:

  1. Ensure that you are using the correct version of Java.
  2. Clear your Java cache.

Files can also be uploaded without the "My Computer" Java applet. Please refer to our Upload Files – Non Java page for this alternative file upload option.

2. This will open up another window that allows you to navigate the directories/folders of your computer to locate the correct file. Click on the filename, confirm that it is correct, and accept with the “Open” button.


3. You will be returned to the email, assignment or discussion board screen you started from.

4. In order to submit your assignment, you must click the Submit button and then click OK in the confirmation window that appears. For emails, click the Send button. For discussion boards, click the Post button.

Assignment page


Discussion Board page


5. Finally you will see a confirmation page. In the assignment page, click OK to exit. In the email and discussion board pages, all you need to see is the confirmation.

Assignment page


Discussion Board page


If you are experiencing difficulties uploading an email, assignment or discussion board attachment, please refer to our solutions documentation for uploading files.

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