Certain versions of the Firefox and Safari browsers are not compatible with Blackboard Vista. Please see our browser compatibility page for a full list of compatible browsers. We do recommend that all Blackboard Vista users download and use the Firefox browser for accessing their course materials as it generally tends to have fewer issues.

The issue could be a Java-related problem. Before using the work-around, please check the two items below to attempt to get your “My Computer” icon back:

  1. Run the Browser Check to ensure that you have a compatible Java version. If you don’t, you should update your current version of Java.
  2. Clear out your Java cache.

If the two steps above don’t resolve the issue, follow the instructions below for the alternative method for uploading files.

If you have a compatible version of Java and need to upload a file

If you have a compatible version of Java, and are seeing a box with a red x instead of the “My Computer” icon in the “Get Files” window, the following steps will allow you to add attachments:

  1. Move your mouse cursor slowly below where the “My Computer” icon should be. You will see the cursor change to a link pointer (the hand with the index finger pointing up).
  2. When the cursor changes into a link pointer, click and you’ll see a new screen with a link that says “Click here to select files individually”.
  3. When you click that link you’ll be able to browse the files on your computer and upload them without using the Java “My Computer” applet

Please Note:
Vista can only add attachments that do not have special characters in the file name. Please ensure that your file names are short (no more than 15 characters long) and contain only letters, numbers, dashes “-”, and underscores “_”. File names cannot contain spaces, quotation marks, or punctuation.

Also, the anti-virus and/or Firewall installed on your computer can also interfere with uploading attachments. If you can’t configure the anti-virus or Firewall software to allow Blackboard Vista through to your computer, Boston University offers McAfee Anti-Virus free to all students with a BU login name and password. Instructions on how to remove your current anti-virus and install McAfee are detailed in our anti-virus page.

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