The instructions below are for allowing Blackboard Vista through your ZoneAlarm Pro or ZoneAlarm Internet Security Plus Firewall. Many computers use a Firewall to block harmful programs and data from their computers. However, Firewalls are also capable of blocking certain aspects of Blackboard Vista, so your firewall may need to be configured manually to allow Blackboard Vista to access your local computer.

The Privacy settings in ZoneAlarm may be blocking some features that Blackboard Vista needs to work properly, such as cookies and pop-ups.

  1. Close all Internet browsers.
  2. Open ZoneAlarm.
  3. Click the Privacy Panel, Main Tab, turn ALL items to off.
  4. Open your browser and make sure that Blackboard Vista is working as expected.
  5. Log out of Blackboard Vista and close your browsers.
  6. Turn your privacy settings back to the settings that you would like them, and then click the Site List Tab.
  7. Open your browser, log back into Blackboard Vista and watch the Site List Tab in ZoneAlarm.
  8. ZoneAlarm will add the sites that it has blocked items from to this list as it blocks things.
  9. One at a time, right click on the sites that were added and choose Options, then remove the checks from the Cookies, Ad Blocking, and Mobile Code tabs and click OK.
  10. Log out of Vista, and close (not disable) ZoneAlarm.
  11. Log back into Vista.