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Available to: Students

Cost: Boston University tuition and fees.

Blackboard Vista is a learning management system used and supported by BU for online courses. Some courses using Blackboard Vista split coursework between in-class and online assignments. Students access their course materials at any time and from any computer with an Internet connection.


Flexibility is a big part of Boston University Online courses and programs. Online course materials are available 24/7, from any location, allowing you to learn where and when you like. Though you must complete course requirements within an established time frame, the actual hours spent meeting those requirements are mostly at the convenience of each individual.

Key Features

  • Multimedia content – Enjoy access to course material designed to enhance your learning experience – video lectures and audio assignments.
  • Live interaction – Engage in video and chat sessions with your instructor and classmates.
  • Online communication - Stay in touch and involved with email, discussion boards and blogs.

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes.


Getting Started

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