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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: See cost details, below.

TurningPoint™ is an Audience Response System that allows students to actively participate in classes and presentations. Presenters can use common formats such as a web browser, PowerPoint, Word, or PDF to ask questions; audience members respond using a small hand-held device assigned to each student.


TurningPoint helps make classroom sessions more interactive. It can correlate in-class feedback and responses to surveys and quizzes, then display anonymous results in real time using charts and graphs. Data is captured for easy reporting and other later use.

Key Features

  • Real-time interactive polling, surveys, knowledge tests, and other assessments
  • (Optional) immediate display and correlation of anonymous results
  • Grade integration with Blackboard and SMGtools/Sakai
  • Hand-held devices specifically designed for the visually impaired
  • PowerPoint support



  • PowerPoint 2003 or newer for PC or PowerPoint 2004 (only) for Mac
  • TurningPoint Software
  • RF Receiver (Note: Instructors teaching in large lecture spaces should request a long range receiver.)


  • ResponseCard RF (one-time purchase, available at the BU Barnes & Noble (CRC) or through your college (BUMC))



  • TurningPoint software: Free
  • RF Receiver
    • Free to early adopters (Limit: 1 per instructor. Replacements, available through the BU Barnes & Noble Bookstore, are $99.)
    • On loan from BUMC Educational Media
    • On loan from selected schools, colleges, and departments


Getting Started