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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Guests

Cost: See cost details, below.

Our test scoring system provides timely and accurate results to instructors for multiple-choice test scoring and grade compilation. Exams and quizzes are commonly scored in one of two standard ways: a raw score with one point for each question, or a score based on 100%.

Available To

Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Guests


Quizzes and midterm exams are processed within 48 hours. Final exams are guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours, including item analysis and statistics. After all exams are scored, random checks are done to help ensure accuracy.

Key Features

  • Special scoring formulas can be created, e.g., for subtests.
  • Scores can be provided via email or on disk.
  • Results can be sorted by name, ID, section, score, or exam version.
  • Item analysis can be done for P-diff, P-biserial, and the percentage of people choosing each answer (with the correct answer for each question indicated).
  • Statistics can be provided, including exam means, standard deviation, test reliability, and histogram.


  • Set up a billing account or get a requisition from your department.
  • Scheduling procedures:
    • To ensure quick turnaround, the request forms should be submitted at the beginning of the semester. Forms should include all scheduled exams, including finals.
    • If not submitted previously, please contact us or submit Request Form for the entire semester at least one week prior to the first scheduled exam.
    • If only scheduling for Final Exam, please submit request one month prior to the exam date.
    • Submit answer key at least two days (Monday-Friday) prior to each scheduled exam.
    • NOTE: late requests or late answer keys may result in a delay in processing the exam.


  • Minimum charge: $10.00
  • Base charge for exam scoring: $5.00 per answer key and $0.30 per scantron sheet
  • $10 per download/email file
    • There are additional charges per sheet for requested features.

Getting Started

Contact us or download the request form to schedule your test scoring.