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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Guests

Cost: See cost details, below.

Collecting student, faculty, and research data manually is a time-consuming and error-prone process. We provide services to automate data collection and provide results quickly and accurately for your analysis. We pay close attention to the project goals to ensure survey procedures will best meet your objectives.


From simple forms to full logic-branched surveys, we can help you capture the valuable data and information you need. Results can be ready within a week given one month’s advance notice. For data collection we can provide the raw data file as an email attachment or on a disk for your convenience.

Key Features

  • Save time and money by streamlining the data collection process
  • Frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation reported for every survey question
  • Raw data or results provided electronically in database-compatible format for your own analysis


  • Set up an account or get a requisition from your department.
  • Schedule the survey & data collection dropoff one month in advance or contact us.
  • Non-standard and/or custom forms may require a pre-scanning consultation.


  • Minimum charge: $25.00
  • Base charge for form scanning:
    • $0.15 per scantron sheet
    • $20/hr clerical time
    • $10 per download/email file
    • There are additional charges per sheet for requested features.

Getting Started

Contact us for additional information.

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