How do I start using CrashPlan?

To get started, you will need to follow the steps outlined on the individual OS installation pages:

Can I restore my files via a web browser?

Not at the moment. The initial rollout includes client-based restores only, but we hope to implement secure online restore functionality soon.

Can I back up encrypted files?

Yes. Any file from your computer, including those that have been encrypted, can be backed up. However, you will need to make some configuration changes to make sure your files are being properly backed up. See CrashPlan’s documentation on backing up encrypted files and, more specifically, the Windows EFS pages if you are backing up your files using Windows EFS.

How often is my computer backed up?

By default, CrashPlan backs up every 15 minutes while your computer is online.

How long are my files saved on the server?

Your files will remain in the Cloud as long as they exist on the backup client and are selected to be backed up.  Once files are deleted, they will remain in the Cloud for 30 days.  File versions will be saved for no more than 30 days.

If you have deleted your files or removed them from the backup selections, the backed up data will stay in the Cloud for no more than 30 days — CrashPlan does not keep a full archive of all previously backed up data.

If you run the Compact operation to free up storage space, CrashPlan will override any retention rules and will immediately purge file deletions and old file versions from the cloud.

What are my files on the server encrypted with?

All information stored on the servers is encrypted using 448-bit Blowfish. Read more about CrashPlan data encryption.

What is BU doing about the Written Information Security Policy (WISP)?

Massachusetts has passed one of the most strict laws guarding Personal Information (PI); universities are required to document when and where PI is stored.

Information pertaining to protecting Personal Information from our contract with the provider.

Will this influence the performance of my computer?

The initial backup may take some time, but all subsequent backups should not impact computer performance. All of these settings are user-configurable through the General tab of the CrashPlan Settings screen.

I forgot my password. Can you reset it for me?

If you are backing up with a CrashPlan package offered by IS&T directly rather than a consumer version with BU’s 10% discount, you can contact us and we will help you reset your password and recover your backups. If you are using a consumer version of CrashPlan, you can reset your password on their website.