The information on this page is provided for your convenience. However, use of the VPN for connecting to BU’s wireless network is no longer necessary. 802.1x technology is available for wireless, and recommended over use of the VPN. If you would like to connect to the BUMC VPN, follow the directions provided by BUMC OIT.

This guide will walk you through the one-time configuration for the VPN, as well as the day-to-day use in connecting.

The instructions provided below are also expected to be useful with the iPod Touch. If you find that your settings don’t match what’s described below, you may need to update your software – a $9.95 download from Apple.


If you’re viewing this page from your mobile device, open this mobile configuration file to streamline the process.

  1. Turn on your iPhone to open the Settings application and select the General options.
  2. In the General Settings options, choose Network settings.
  3. In the Network Settings options, choose VPN Not Configured.
  4. Click the Add VPN Configuration button.
  5. Choose the IPSec VPN type.
  6. Fill in the configuration settings as follows:Description: BU On Campus
    Account: Your BU Login
    Password: Ask Every Time
    Use Certificate: Off
    Group Name: BostonU
    Secret: BostonUDescription: A name for this VPN connection. A recommended setting is “BU On Campus,” but you are free to name it whatever you choose.


    Account: This is your BU login name, which is the part of your BU email address before the (e.g., the login part of

    Password: Leaving this blank is suggested.

    Group Name: BostonU

    Secret: BostonU

The VPN is now configured. You will only have to do this setup once; from now on you should simply follow the steps below to connect via the VPN.

Connecting to the VPN

  1. Open the Settings application and select Wi-Fi.
  2. Connect to the BU (requires VPN) wireless network.
  3. Go back to the Settings application and turn the VPN switch to the On position.
  4. After the VPN gets connected, you will be prompted to enter your BU login name and Kerberos password.
  5. You can now use the Internet as you would over any other WiFi network, or through EDGE or 3G. The iPhone will indicate it is on VPN with an icon in the title bar.