IS&T offers a variety of printing services to the BU community. Through our MyPrint system, we provide general network printing to central printers at the Mugar Memorial Library and other locations. MyPrint also allows you to monitor your use of printing resources. We offer printing services from the administrative mainframe computer to central or local printers, as well as ways to view reports online or print them to a file rather than to paper. We recommend and support the Ricoh Aficio line of Energy Star rated copiers for departments that want to lease a copier with networked based printing and scanning capabilities.

Large, institutional printers are more efficient and cost-effective than smaller printers, especially for larger print jobs. Save paper, toner, and money by using our print services.

  • All reports produced by batch job processing on the mainframe computer can be printed, processed, and placed in secure bins by IS&T staff.... more »

  • Departments can install software on their own Windows-based servers to support customization and printing of files and reports from the mainframe to their local printers or to local files.... more »

  • Departmental staff can view data center-created reports on their workstations instead of printing paper copies.... more »

  • MyPrint allows you to print to various BU printers from any computer connected directly or via VPN to the BU campus network.... more »

  • Departments can arrange for IS&T to manage printing to their local printers through the same MyPrint system and policies we use to manage central printing.... more »

  • In conjunction with BU Sourcing & Procurement, IS&T evaluated, tested, and recommends the Ricoh Aficio line of copiers.... more »