Each academic and administrative unit joining the Active Directory must adhere to several basic requirements to ensure that the University-wide infrastructure works smoothly for everyone and that all legal obligations are met.

  • OU administrators are responsible for purchasing and maintaining the proper number of Client Access Licenses (CALs) required by their OUs. General authentication throughout a department by any combination of faculty, staff, and students may require that you purchase a Windows 2003 (or 2008) CAL for each person. If use of Active Directory authentication is limited to a finite number of workstations in a lab, you may be able to purchase a CAL for each workstation rather than for each individual. If you have any questions about CALs, please talk to your domain administrators.
  • To avoid conflicts and confusion, the names of all computers and security groups in your OU must begin with your OU name followed by a hyphen, e.g., in the College of Engineering, all computer names and local security groups begin with “ENG-“.