Top Level Second Level Domain Name
ALU AD2 Development and Alumni Relations
APARC AD2 African Presidential Archives and Research Center
BMC AD Boston Medical Center (contacts only)
BNF AD Program In Bioinformatics
BRAAN AD Biomedical Research and Assurance Network
BUA AD Boston University Academy
BUPD AD2 Boston University Police Department
BUMC AD Boston University Medical Campus
BUSM AD Boston University School of Medicine
SPH AD School of Public Health
BUSDM AD Boston University School of Dental Medicine
BUW AD2 BUworks
CAGT AD Center for Advanced Genomic Technology
CAS AD College of Arts and Sciences
CHEM AD Department of Chemistry
CNS AD Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems
GLC AD Geddes Language Center
MFLL AD Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures (retired – now MLCL & RS)
MLCL AD Modern Languages and Classical Literature
PSYCH AD Psychology
RS AD Romance Studies
CELOP AD Center for English Language Orientation Programs
CFA AD College of Fine Arts
CGS AD College of General Studies
COM AD College of Communications
DAN AD2 Danielsen Institute
DME AD2 Division of Military Education
DOMCR AD Department of Medicine Cores
EMF AD Evans Medical Foundation
ENG AD College of Engineering
AME AD Aero-Mechanical Engineering
BME AD Biomedical Engineering
ECE AD Electrical and Computer Engineering
MFG AD Manufacturing Engineering
ENR AD2 Enrollment
ESO AD2 Enrollment Services Operations
IAD AD2 International Admissions Office
OAD AD2 Office of Admissions
OEP AD2 Office of Enrollment Planning and Retention
OFA AD2 Office of Financial Assistance
OUR AD2 Office of the University Registrar
SEO AD2 Student Employment Office
USC AD2 University Service Center
VPE AD2 Office of the Vice President for Enrollment
EVP AD2 Office of the Executive Vice President
EVP AD2 Office of the Executive
Vice President
PRES AD2 Office of the President
FHCMI AD Fraunhofer Institute
HDR AD Health and Disability
Research Institute
HGAR AD Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
HGAR AD2 Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
HGEN AD Center for Human Genetics
HGEN AD2 Center for Human Genetics
HILLEL AD Hillel House
HOU AD2 Office of Housing
HPCL AD High Performance Computing Lab
HPI AD Health Policy Institute
HPR AD Health Policy Research
IHS AD2 Institute for Human Sciences
IP AD2 International Programs
ISPS AD Office of Information Systems Planning and Support
ATH AD Athletics
ISPS AD2 Office of Information Systems Planning and Support
AAM AD2 Agganis Arena Management
ATH AD2 Athletics
BEN AD2 Benefits Office
CRS AD2 Office of Creative Services
DIN AD2 Dining Services
FMP AD2 Facility Management and Planning
FSAO AD2 Faculty Staff Assistance Office
HR AD2 Human Resources
ISPS AD2 Office of Information Systems Planning and Support
JRS AD2 Office of President Emeritus John Silber
JW AD2 Office of President Emeritus Jon Westling
OAS AD2 Office of Analytical Services
OBA AD2 Office of Business Affairs
OCS AD2 Events & Conferences
OFR AD2 Office of Family Resources
OGC AD2 Office of the General Counsel
OHC AD2 Occupational Health Clinic
OPS AD2 Office of Purchasing Services
OTB AD2 Office of the Budget
OSM AD2 Office of Space Management
PBI AD2 Office of Planning, Budgeting, and Information
PERD AD2 Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
PRK AD2 Office of Parking
RSK AD2 Office of Risk Management
RPM AD2 Rental Property Management
SHS AD2 Student Health Services
SS AD2 Agganis Sport Service
UMS AD2 University Mail Services
UVS AD2 University Vending Services
VPO AD2 Vice President of Operations
ISSO AD2 International Students and Scholars Office
LAW AD School of Law
LIB AD Library
MAR AD2 Marsh Chapel
MATH AD Department of Mathematics and Statistics
MET AD Metropolitan College
NMRC AD NeuroMuscular Research Center
OEHS AD2 Office of Environmental Health and Safety
OGC AD2 Office of the General Counsel
OHC AD2 Occupational Health Clinic
IS&T AD Information Services & Technology
HELP AD IT Help Center
PUB AD IS&T Public and ResNet Computing Labs
RCS AD IS&T Residential Computing Services Group
SCV AD IS&T Scientific Computing and Visualization
OMC AD2 Office of Marketing and Communications
OSP AD2 Office of Sponsored Programs
OTD AD2 Office of Technology Development
PHO AD Photonics Center
PROV AD2 Office of the Provost
RSRCH AD Office of Research
SA AD2 Student Affairs
SAR AD Sargent College
SED AD School of Education
SMG AD School of Management
SLONE AD Slone Epidemiology Center
SSW AD School of Social Work
STH AD School of Theology
SVC AD2 Service Accounts
TEL AD Office of Telecommunications
UC AD University Computers
UDC AD2 UIS Data Center
UIS AD2 University Information Systems
ETA AD2 Evolving Technologies and Architecture
UMG AD2 University Media Group
VPFA AD2 Office of the Vice President for Financial Affairs