IS&T maintains the AD2 Active Directory domain for use by Administrative departments. This domain hosts most of the Microsoft based technology that is used by the Administrative departments of the University. The AD2 domain is used in a distributed manner that encourages client interaction with department based Systems Administrators. There are no charges for using this domain.

Key Features

  • Authentication through BU login name and a special AD2 password, different than the standard Kerberos password used in Web Login.
  • Accounts can be moved between AD and AD2.
  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes can be provisioned by the local systems administrator at the same time the AD2 account is created.
  • Individuals’ accounts can be moved into departmental OUs and managed locally.
  • IS&T provides services to move Exchange mailboxes, modify quotas, and to disable and delete accounts, as required by business needs.


  • Must be a member of BU staff or a guest of a BU department
  • Must agree to terms of the BU Security Policy
  • Must license all Microsoft technology that you will be using within the domain
  • Students who work at the University should be given a business function account, separate and distinct from their personal email accounts.
  • Administrators must provide us with email notification on the day of any staff termination or transfer through the address shown below.