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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: Hardware, software, and maintenance costs are purchased by the requesting department or school in coordination with IS&T. Ongoing upgrades and maintenance costs will be the responsibility of the department. Day-to-day management and administration is provided at no charge.

IS&T houses and maintains many department-owned, Microsoft Windows-based servers in our central server environments. Whether your computing and storage needs are large or small, we can house your equipment and provide disk-based storage, systems monitoring, patching, backup, security, and offsite tape storage.


Collocating your server into our data center allows you to focus on your department’s work rather than on server management.

Key Features

  • We will work with you to migrate your existing servers into our environment.
  • We will make sure monitoring services are used to notify IS&T of any server issues.
  • We will back up your server and store tapes off site for disaster recovery.
  • We will administer security and patch management for your server.


Hardware, software, and maintenance contracts must be up to date and in accordance with IS&T standards.

Getting Started

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