Note: Most people will NOT have this problem and can install safely and simply by following the instructions at BU’s McAfee VirusScan download site. Please try following those instructions first: they are easier and faster.

Solution One (to problems uninstalling or installing Mcafee VirusScan)

0) Make sure the desired McAfee installer is already downloaded to the
hard drive so it can be installed even when you unplug from the network.

(1) Unplug from the network so viruses won’t get in while VirusScan is

(2) Reboot in Safe Mode (hold down F8 key after machine restarts, then
select Safe Mode from resulting menu).

(3) Right click on the VirusScan icon on the Task Bar and choose “disable
on-access scan” to end those services.

(4) Attempt uninstall again (from Add/Remove Programs).

(5) Whether that works or not: now manually delete the McAfee folder and
all its contents from Program Files on the hard drive (exception: don’t do
this if running other McAfee software besides VirusScan).

(6) Reinstall new version of VirusScan from installer saved in Step 0.

(7) Plug back into network to let new VirusScan update.

(8) Reboot into normal mode.

If this did not solve the problem for you — if it failed anywhere along the way — you may need to try Solution Two.