What is SimpleHelp?

SimpleHelp is web-based remote support software that allows a client using Windows, MacOS or UNIX to navigate to a BU web page and initiate a support session with a technician. If needed, the technician can request and (with permission) receive remote access to the client’s computer.

What is SimpleHelp used for at Boston University?

SimpleHelp was recently set up at Boston University, and a number of BU’s computer support groups are now deciding whether to use it as part of their support offerings. When you contact your regular computer support people, it is possible they’ll suggest using SimpleHelp to help with some types of questions.

How do I learn more about SimpleHelp?

We have some documentation to help you learn more about using SimpleHelp at Boston University.

  • Information for clients – the people who request help
  • Information for technicians – the people who give help

In addition, if you are interested in more general information on the software, SimpleHelp has a nice website — the Overview Page is a good place to start.

How was this package selected?

The Support & Infrastructure group of the IT Governance committee — comprised of people from support departments across the university — investigated remote support packages and selected SimpleHelp as the one that best matched Boston University needs and cost requirements. It’s simple to use, web-based, platform-independent for both clients and technicians, and it allows for LDAP authentication.