Excel 2007 is part of Microsoft’s Office 2007. Sometimes, when Microsoft releases a new version of Excel, the changes are very minor. Excel 2007 is a major update. This page shows you what you can expect if you switch to Excel 2007.

New look

The entire menu system in Excel has been reworked. Look at the sample screens below, and you will notice that the traditional menus have gone, replaced by a “ribbon” — a series of tabs and command groupings.

When you first switch to the new version of Excel, expect it to take longer than usual to find the commands you want to use.

Old version of Excel (Excel 2003)


Excel 2007


New features

The ribbon in Excel 2007 brings a lot of features from earlier versions of Excel out into the open and makes them simpler to use. Formatting in particular is much improved — there are new Gallery formats, more graph formats, and just generally a slicker visual interface. For a good overview of new features, see this Microsoft page.

New file format

If you give or send your Excel 2007 spreadsheet to someone who does not have Excel 2007, that person may not be able to read it. Learn how to save so that other Excel versions can read your file.