For BU Faculty and Staff


As a general guideline, all on-campus faculty or staff are eligible for an ACS account if they are active with Human Resources.

Your account expires when you leave the University. For more information, please see Account Expiration.

BU faculty and staff can create an account online by completing the online application linked at the bottom of this page. You will be given detailed instructions as you proceed through the application.

Before You Start

Be sure to have your BU ID number on hand. Your BU ID number can be found on your BU ID.

On-campus faculty and staff can start the online application now.

Faculty and staff who have completed the online application should present a current BU ID at one of the IT Help Center locations (533 Commonwealth Avenue in Kenmore Square, or at Mugar Library). Your account will normally be available within 12 hours.

For Departments

All department accounts must be sponsored by the head of the department.

Follow these steps to apply for a Department ACS email account:

  1. Complete the Department Account Application.
  2. You will be called to come in to establish the password when the application has been approved and the computer account created.

Note: You must notify the IT Help Center when someone who is using the departmental account leaves, or when someone is added. The department staff member responsible for the account password must change the password to the computer account anytime a user who has access to the account leaves.

For Students, Guests, and Student Activities (SAO) Groups

Beginning in March, 2011, all new Student, Guest, and Student Activities (SAO) email accounts will be created in BU Google Apps. ACS accounts required by students for use of the UNIX-based applications that run on ACS may be requested through the IT Help Center. Submit a Help request, call 617-353-HELP (4357) or visit one of our locations at 533 Commonwealth Avenue in Kenmore Square, or at Mugar Library.