Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students

Cost: There is generally no charge for the software support that we provide.

IS&T fully supports many software applications: we will help you with questions about installing this software, we’ll provide ongoing technical support, and we may document the software locally and/or offer tutorials in its use. We will also provide whatever help we can with software not on our fully supported list.


When you use supported software, IS&T staff can easily help you with  questions or problems you may have, or point you in the direction of further support.

Key Features

  • We offer full support for most widely-used software.
  • Our experienced support staff are familiar with common questions and issues that occur with software we support and can usually resolve problems quickly.
  • If required, we can help you obtain more in-depth support.
  • We can also help with software not on our supported list.


You must have a current BU ID or a BU login to receive software support.

Getting Started

Review the IT Help Center’s supported software list.