Migrating Individual Accounts

Clients who have previously had access to Qualtrics, either through the College of Arts & Sciences or School of Management, can migrate their existing surveys into their new University Qualtrics account.

    1. Begin at the Qualtrics Research Suite
    2. When signing in, select I already have a Qualtrics account


      3. When prompted as shown below, enter your Email/Username and Password. Note that “existing login information” means you should use the Email/Username and Password for your current account – the account you wish to migrate.


      Migrating Group Accounts

      In some cases, several people may have been using a single account.  To preserve a group account:

      • Apply for a department-sponsored Guest account with “member” privileges.
        • Be sure to always log in with the group Username.

            (Otherwise the first person to access the group account with his or her own BU login name will “own” all group files.)

            • The Kerberos password will need to be changed annually.

          Known Migration Issues

          Qualtrics Support has reported the following known issues with migrating existing accounts:

          • Collaboration will be broken and needs to be re-established once the move has taken place.
          • Reporting Beta reports will be lost.

          The following steps will allow you to keep the Reporting Beta reports (reports in the Reporting Beta tab).

          Download a .qrf file that can only be opened in Qualtrics. (Repeat Steps 1-3 for each report.)

          1. Open up a Report
          2. Go to Report Options
          3. Click Save to File

            Once the move is complete, create a new report. (Repeat 4-6 for each report.)

            1. Go to Report Options
            2. Select Import Report
            3. Choose the .qrf file