Departments that wish to install Matlab locally must meet the following conditions:

  • The installation must reside on a university owned machine connected to the BU main campus network.
  • Graduate students and Post Docs will need a sponsors signature.
  • Print and complete a Media Loan Application and submit it to the Mugar Memorial Reserve Desk at 771 Commonwealth Avenue, 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday. After filling out the application on-line, the application will be emailed to you. If you can’t come to the Mugar Library yourself and will be sending someone else in your place please
    inform the staff at the Reserve Desk at the Mugar Library via email: Please make sure that the person going to the Mugar Library has the ID for the person requesting the media.
  • Supported Matlab Platforms
  • A limited number of individual copies may be purchased by departments for use on laptops for a fee. Contact “ithelp @” for more information. The standalone copy does not include any toolboxes.

All Windows PC and Mac OS media loans go through the Mugar Memorial Library Reserve Desk at 771 Commonwealth Avenue. For other loans, contact “ithelp @”. When you pick up Matlab media, you will be asked for your signed Media Loan Application and your BU ID card. If you are a student employee managing a department machine, a member of the BU staff or faculty must verify your employment status.

Once Information Services & Technology has your written agreement to the above conditions, we’ll subscribe you to the matlab-list mailing list and give you a valid license. You must remain on the mailing list to receive notices of changes in the status of the license servers and BU license expiration date.