I can no longer connect to the server What’s wrong?

Check your email for a new license. If you can’t find it, contact ithelp@bu.edu. Agree to the terms and conditions for using the license and be added to the distribution/announcement list.

I am a student. What are my options for running Matlab off-campus?

You may purchase a copy of Matlab from the Mathwork’s store: Matlab Student Version or remote access to the latest version of Matlab is available with your Linux Virtual Lab or SCC account (for Researchers).

What toolboxes come with the student option available from Mathworks, Inc.?

Matlab Student Version includes Simulink, Symbolic Math Toolbox, Control Systems Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, Signal Processing Blockset, Optimization Toolbox, and Image Processing Toolbox.

I am a post-grad student doing research at the University. Do I fall under the student or faculty/staff category?

You are a student if you are not paid and staff if you are paid.

Is there a 64-bit Matlab for Windows?

Yes, Mathworks has offered the 64-bit version since 7.2. The script may be installed in a 32-bit area but the program knows to call 64-bit libraries.

I am a faculty/staff member, and I want to run a stand-alone copy of Matlab? What do I need to do?

The stand-alone copy costs $500. Send a request to ithelp@bu.edu at the same time your business office forwards $500 to account 51-200-983. (Be sure to specify that it’s for the Matlab stand-alone purchase.) IS&T currently assumes the renewal charges so you’ll be eligible for updates. We will notify you when the process is complete. Afterwards, you can create a Mathworks account at http://www.mathworks.com to download the software.

I need to add toolboxes to my stand-alone copy of Matlab. How do I do that?

IS&T can “associate” new toolboxes with your stand-alone copy. The cost of each toolbox is around $200. Contact ithelp@bu.edu for more assistance.

Does BU make Matlab available under Ubuntu?

Yes, you may install Matlab under Ubuntu, but IS&T provides minimal support compared to installations under BU Linux, where the software is pre-installed when you use AFS.

It takes a while for Matlab running under BU Linux to start. What’s up?

Matlab is a large program installed into a common network filesystem. The first time you call it, your local machine creates a cache that’s referenced later for speedier interaction. Creating the cache can take a little time initially, but aftwrwards Matlab runs locally, not over the network.

Can you give me help debugging my Matlab problem?

We’ll attempt to help you before sending your request to Mathworks support personnel. Please provide us the information Matlab returns when you run ‘ver’, tell us what steps you took right before the program experienced a problem, and relay to us a complete error message. Mathworks, Inc. relies on IS&T to be the liaison and may not answer your questions without our acting as a intermediary. However, we can add you to the “cc” list so that you can talk to them directly after we make the intial contact.

I get a “-39″ error code when I start Matlab.  What does this mean?

That license error code means that you’re working outside the BU network.  Your program is not contacting the license servers.

What is the relationship between Matlab and X11 under MacOS?

Tricky. You may need to reinstall X on your Mac after you install Matlab.

Can I use our Matlab network license outside the USA?


Mathworks just released a new version of Matlab. When will BU install it?

Our shipment arrives about 6 weeks after the official announcement. The latest client will not work with an old license server, so we install the license server before lending out copies of the latest client.

Where can I find the answer to a question that doesn’t appear above?

Check Mathworks on-line resources or contact the IT Help Center for more information.

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