How Faculty and Staff can Obtain Mathematica:

Home Use:

Home-use copies of Mathematica are available to faculty and academic staff. (Kerberos password required).

Labs/on-campus Offices :

Obtain the media through the Mugar Memorial Library Reserve Desk at 771 Commonwealth Avenue,  8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Only University-owned machines whose primary purpose is teaching and/or academic research are eligible.

Here are some listed system requirements (the link will take you to Wolfram’s Website): System Requirements

Click here to fill out the loan application: loan agreement

After filling out the application on-line, the application will be emailed to you. If you can’t come to the Mugar Library yourself and will be sending someone else in your place please inform the staff at the Reserve Desk at the Mugar Library via email:

Please make sure that the person going to the Mugar Library has the ID for the person requesting the media.

IS&T Application Server:

Mathematica is available on departmental machines that run BU custom Solaris and Linux. Ask your system administrator whether your UNIX / Linux machines are connected to the Information Service’s Technology’s Application Server and if so, whether /usr/local/IT/bin is in your $PATH.

SCC: Remote access is available with your Linux Virtual Lab or Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) account (for Researchers).

Faculty or research sponsored SCF project:Faculty and research staff can request Scientific Computing Facility resources on a supercomputer for a class or current project. This is a good solution when a project requires extra power.