Brad Antoniewicz, McAfee, An Intel Company
Trends in the IT Security Industry in a 2.0 World–What It Takes To Protect Your Environment

Brad Antoniewicz works in McAfee Foundstone’s security research division to uncover flaws in popular technologies. He is a contributing author to both the Hacking Exposed and Hacking Exposed: Wireless series of books and has authored various internal/external Foundstone tools, whitepapers, and methodologies.

Quinn Shamblin, Boston University
Blackhat / DefCon conference report

Quinn is the Executive Director of Information Security for Boston University. He has served as the operations manager and forensic investigator for the Information Security Department of the University of Cincinnati, as a teacher of nuclear power plant system theory and operations while an officer in the US Navy, a Director of Multimedia Development, a project manager and as a senior architect of business process automation solutions. Quinn is active in the information security community, having served as an officer in the Ohio chapter of the HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigators Association) and as a contributor on a forensic blog run by SANS.

Patrick Klupa, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
A Smaller Organization’s Way to Handle Personal Information Security

The Whitehead Institute is a non-profit biomedical research Institution with about 600 people affiliated with MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Patrick has been with Whitehead since 2001 and is currently the Manager of Business Information Systems.  He is responsible for maintaining and enhancing Whitehead’s administrative ERP system.  Patrick and his team regularly collaborate with key members of administrative departments, lab administrators, and other members of IT to ensure the business systems are always helping the administration to run effectively.  He also chairs Whitehead’s Personal Information Protection Committee, which protects the personal information kept at Whitehead.  Before coming to Whitehead, Patrick was a senior consultant at Grant Thornton LLP and a systems engineer at Electronic Data Systems.  He holds a Masters of Computer Information Systems from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Ken Leeser, Kaliber Data Security
SRM – A Framework to Unify IT Security, Facilitate Compliance and Manage Risk

Ken Leeser attributes his success in helping organizations improve their Information Risk Management programs to the conviction that IT Security is not merely a technical issue, but rather a business process. His background blends technical, business risk, and operations expertise.   Ken founded Kaliber Data Security and developed the concept of Security Resource Management to better equip organizations to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate security compliance while significantly improving their security posture. And to do that, he feels that it is critically important to help security managers better communicate the effectiveness of current IT Security programs, their organization’s risk profile, their compliance status with IT Security regulations and standards, and to effectively engage all members of the community in the IT Security mission.

Shawn Butler, FishNet Security
Why Does Visibility Matter?

Shawn has been in IT since 1996 and currently works with FishNet Security as an Enterprise Architect. Throughout his career he has worked in various verticals including education, healthcare, legal, retail, and financial as a Solutions Architect, Data Network Analyst, and Systems Engineer. While spending nearly a decade at AT&T, Shawn was involved in many SONET, MPLS, Co-Lo/Hosting, Security, Mobility, and Business Continuity design, planning, and implementations. Over the past 3 years, Shawn’s focus has been on analytics, interoperability between systems and tool sets, fault isolation, and service delivery.

Doug White
Building a backchannel IDS logging system for off site using SNORT and Openvpn

Doug White has worked in technology and security since 1977 as a programmer, network admin, security auditor, author, and teacher. Dr. White has published numerous articles in the field and is a Senior member of the Association of Computing Machinery. Dr. White currently specializes in networking and digital forensics and is the Director of Forensics, Networking, and Security at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Dr. White is also a member of the Rhode Island Cyberdisruption team and is willing to talk about digital emergency management and response at length. Dr. White is a CISSP, CCE, and is a licensed and bonded private investigator in Rhode Island. Dr. White holds a Phd in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Charles Griffin, Infoblox (ex-Quinnipiac)
Using RPZ to Blackhole Bots

Charles Griffin has been involved in the computer and security field for many years. In the past he has worked for DEC, 3Com, Alteon, Aruba, the pre-cursor to NWN (a VAR) and was the first Information Security Officer at Quinnipiac University. He is a member of ISSA and is presently employed by Infoblox – an infrastructure and security automation company specializing in DNS, DHCP, IPAM and security policy and configuration management.