The BU Directory (also known as the Online Directory, or Ph, after its original query interface) is available at The directory is basically a phone book, but it contains far more information on each entry and dispenses with the book.

The BU Directory combines typical directory information about people from the University Registrar and Human Resources with information on academic and administrative departments within the University. You can search by first or last name, department name, or BU login name (the first part of a BU email address). Individuals can expand their own entries with additional information.


  • The BU Directory provides controlled access to contact and other directory information about students, faculty, staff, and academic and administrative departments.
  • Optional information can be added by individuals, e.g., nickname, address, phone, office location, and fax number.

Getting Started

Go to the directory menu, search the directory, modify your entry, or learn about available privacy settings.