Identity & Access Management (IAM) is comprised of two component services: Directory Services and Authentication Services. These services allow you to have an account at BU, to manage that account, and to set personal information and preferences in one place and make that information available to many services and locations. In some cases, you may even be able to use your BU login name and password to log into resources provided by another institution.

Having a directory of identities allows the University to tailor services to meet specific needs and to improve security—allocating special capabilities, features, and levels of access as required. IAM allows the University to automate the creation, maintenance, and removal of access as appropriate as you move from role to role.

  • Authentication services - Kerberos, Weblogin, or Shibboleth - can be integrated with applications to allow use of BU accounts and passwords.... more »

  • Authorization Services determine what access privileges you have to BU resources based on your affiliation and business function.... more »

  • The BUID is a unique alpha-numeric identifier assigned to each individual affiliated with the University and is needed to access BU resources.... more »

  • Online directories store, organize, and provide convenient access to information about people, groups, and computing technology resources. The University maintains several directories as part of this service.... more »