Attendees should note that times are approximate and we may run ahead of schedule for portions of the day. If you are not attending for the entire day you may wish to arrive in advance of a scheduled talk to ensure you don’t miss the beginning.

8:30 On Site Registration and Check-in
9:00 Welcome
9:10 Trends in the IT Security Industry in a 2.0 World–What It Takes To Protect Your Environment Brad Antoniewicz, McAfee, An Intel Company
10:00 Blackhat / DefCon conference report Quinn Shamblin, Boston University
10:50 Break
11:10 A Smaller Organization’s Way to Handle Personal Information Security Patrick Klupa, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
12:00 Lunch
13:00 SRM – A Framework to Unify IT Security, Facilitate Compliance and Manage Risk Ken Leeser, Kaliber Data Security
13:50 Why Does Visibility Matter? Shawn Butler, FishNet Security
14:30 Break
14:50 Building a backchannel IDS logging system for off site using SNORT and Openvpn Doug White
15:35 Using RPZ to Blackhole Bots Charles Griffin, Infoblox (ex-Quinnipiac)
16:15 Closing