Patrick Cain, Boston College
Interesting things in APWG statistics

Patrick Cain works part-time in IT Security at Boston College, is a Research Fellow of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), and the President of The Cooper-Cain Group, Inc, a computer and Internet security consultancy. He has been associated with information security development and operations for over twenty years. He was previously the Security Advocate in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, at Genuity Inc., a large Internet Service Provider. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), a Certified Information System Manager (CISM), and an associate member of the American Bar Association. Mr. Cain participated in the FSTC Counter-Phishing project, is a research fellow of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and currently leads the effort in the IETF to standardize phishing and electronic crime reports. He has been co-chair of some IETF Working Groups and participated in a US White House working group identifying and addressing the vulnerabilities of the Internet and has served on a United Nations Experts Panel on Identity Theft.

Roy Wattanasin, MIT
Information Security Threats for 2011

Roy Wattanasin is a information security professional. He holds various certifications and is a member of multiple computer security groups. He spends most of his time on leading and developing an organization’s information security program and working on PCI-DSS compliance, privacy, regulatory efforts, education efforts and with other projects. He also teaches information security at Brandeis University.

Quinn Shamblin
Forensically Speaking

Quinn is the Executive Director of Information Security for Boston University. He has served as the operations manager and forensic investigator for the Information Security Department of the University of Cincinnati, as a teacher of nuclear power plant system theory and operations while an officer in the US Navy, a Director of Multimedia Development, a project manager and as a senior architect of business process automation solutions. Quinn is active in the information security community, having served as an officer in the Ohio chapter of the HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigators Association) and as a contributor on a forensic blog run by SANS.

Ryan Clark, Symantec Corporation
Securing Campus Data through Encryption and Data Loss Prevention

Mr. Clark began working in the field of technology 14 years ago as a member of a government contract organization. In 2002, Mr. Clark changed his focus to enterprise encryption software and pursued a career at a well-known technology firm based in Palo Alto, California, with the reputation of being the de facto standard for securing digital information through encryption. As a key member at PGP Corporation for over 8 years, Mr. Clark honed his enterprise security expertise while spearheading a team whose responsibility was to secure data at some of the largest governmental organizations, including: Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense organizations, Intelligence Community agencies, and Department of Education.

After being acquired by Symantec Corporation, this encryption proficiency broadened to include a focus which includes user authentication and data loss prevention technologies. Now, Mr. Clark operates with a vast team whose responsibility is to secure State, Local and Academic organizations throughout the Northeast. Mr. Clark has had the unique privilege and honor to work with large and small organizations alike protecting their most sought after asset…..their data.

Jay Carter, Harvard University
Achieving Critical Mass

Jay Carter, is the Chief Information Security Officer for Harvard University. Jay is accountable for protecting the University’s IT systems and data for faculty, students and staff. Prior to joining FAS IT in 2008, Jay was Vice President and Chief Information Security for The First Marblehead Corporation, a provider of private student loan programs. Jay is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with 27 years of experience in the banking, retail, insurance, computer software development, pharmaceutical distribution and financial services industries.

Oliver Day, Akamai Technologies
A First Responder’s Course for Drive By Download Attacks

Oliver Day is a senior security researcher for Internet titan Akamai where he is focused on web based malware such as Drive By Downloads. He is intent on integrating biostatistical and epidemiological models into modern network security practice and policy making.

Oliver graduated from the Harvard School of Extension with concentrations in legal studies and Chinese studies. His thesis and subsequent academic work have been focused on finding suitable mathematical models to predict the spread of web based malware. He also likes to interact with the cyberlaw community and is a strong advocate for the disclosure process and shielding for security researchers.

Joshua Corman, Akamai Technologies
Conventional Defenses + Unconventional Adversaries = ???

Joshua Corman is the Director of Security for Akamai Technologies. Corman has more than a decade of experience with security and networking software, most recently serving as Principal Security Strategist for IBM Internet Security Systems. Corman’s research cuts across sectors to the core challenges of the industry, and drives evolutionary strategies toward emerging technologies and shifting economics.
Corman is a candid and highly coveted speaker and has spoken at leading industry events such as RSA, Interop, ISACA, and SANS. His efforts to educate and challenge the industry recently lead NetworkWorld magazine to recognize him as a top Influencer of IT for 2009. (Link to article: Corman also serves on the Faculty for IANS and is a staunch advocate for CISOs everywhere. In 2010, Corman also co-founded Rugged – a value based initiative to raise awareness and usher in an era of secure digital infrastructure.
Corman received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, from the University of New Hampshire. He lives with his wife and two daughters in New Hampshire.