Augustine Abaravichyus Systems Programmer Boston University
Patricia Ainsworth ERP Project Director University of Vermont
Brad Alexander System and Network Manager Wellesley College
Manuel Amaral Associate Director of IT Olin College of Engineering
David Amenhauser Principal Staff Software Engineer Motorola Inc.
Phil Ames Network Security Analyst University of Connecticut
Kevin Amorin Sr. Security & Network Engineer Harvard University KSG
John Augliera Technical Specialist Boston University
Jeff Boltz Brown Brothers Harriman
Mike Bowery Network Engineer Boston College
David Bowie Boston College
Petr Brym Director – Telecom University of New Hampshire
R. Scott Buchanan System Administrator Brandeis University
Sarunas Burdulis Systems Administrator Dartmouth College
Kenneth Burns Boston University
James Burrell Federal Bureau of Investigation
Julia Burstein Sys Admin Boston University Metropolitan College
Pat Cain security guy Boston College
Mike Caputo Director of IT UVM College of Medicine
Paul Champommier Sr IT Auditor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jack Chan Analyst Consultant IS&T/Boston University
Scott Conti Assistant Director UMass-Amherst
Kelly J. Cooper The Cooper-Cain Group Inc.
Daniel Correia Network Administrator Assistant New England Institute of Technology
Sherri Davidoff Information Security Analyst Childrens Hospital Boston
Ben DeGennaro Systems Analyst Boston University
Matthew DeMatteo Director URI Digital Forensics Center
Nicholas DePetrillo Network Security Engineer OSHEAN
Mitchell Dickerman Brandeis University
Frank DiPace Director – Information Technology Boston University Project Jointogether
Christopher Donald Information Security Analyst III Boston University
Michael Dugan Manager of System Admins – SCV Boston University
Michael Dunn Asst Dir DCS Boston University
John Dvorak IT Audit Supervisor MIT
Paul Dzus Network/IT Manager MIT Press
David Escalante Director of Computer Security Boston College
Joel Fishman Systems Administrator Brandeis University
Lora Fulton Security Analyst Boston University
George Gaudette Analyst/Consultant – IS&T Boston University
Brian Gerdon Network Engineer Boston Univeristy Medical Campus
Wayne Gilmore Systems Administrator Boston University
Will Glesnes network adjutant MIT media lab
John Grossman Chief of Computer Crime Division Mass. Attorney General
Tom Grundig IT Auditor Boston University
Louis Guilbault Systems Analyst III Boston University
Nathan Hall Information Security Analyst Boston College
Fred Howell Senior Security Specialist Bose Corporation
Ming Huang Boston University
Tang Huyen Boston University
Eric Jacobsen Systems Programmer Boston University
Troy Jordan Communications Specialist University of Maine System
Wil Khouri Director of Computing Services Boston University School of Law
Chad Klaahsen Systems Adminstrator Boston University College of Communication
Dave Kokoszyna Network Engineer University of Massachusetts ITS
Aristos Koyanis Harvard University
Sara Kunz Sys Admin Brandeis University
John Laliberte Analyst / Consultant Boston University
Robert Lang Consultant MIT
Chanda Leary Executive Marketing Manager Pearson Education
Jeff Leavitt Lead Network Specialist Boston University
Linda LeBlanc Network Security Analyst MIT
Christopher Logan Information Security Officer Century Bank
Rui Loura
Jim Lyons Computer Security Analyst FAS Harvard University
Trevor MacDowell Business Applications Developer Boston University
Scott Macomber Systems Analyst/Administrator Boston University
Bob Mahoney President Zanshin Security LLC
Tim McGovern Manager I/T Security Support MIT
Reynold McGuire Network Coordinator Suffolk University
Robert Mee Systems Analyst Boston University
Lynne Meeks Sr. Information Tech Professional University of Vermont
Noah Meyerhans System Administrator MIT CSAIL
Wyman Miles Cornell University
Gary Miliefsky NetClarity
Christopher Misra Network Analyst University of Massachusetts Amherst
Carlos Moreira Director – Technology and Systems Boston University
Christopher Mulcahy Sr. Information Technology Auditor University System of New Hampshire
Ed Nelson Sr Network Systems Engineer Boston University
Catherine Nolan Acquisitions Editor Pearson Technology Group
Marjorie Orr Boston University
Nick Parece VoIP Systems Admin Brandeis University
Eugene Park Boston University
Doug Payne Systems Manager Boston University
Doug Pearson Technical Director – REN-ISAC Indiana University
Erica Peterson Athena/RCC Consultant MIT
Kris Peterson
Akshat Pradham VeriSign
Paul Pruneau System Administrator Boston University
Jason Pufahl Information Security Manager University of Connecticut
Joe Putnam ResNet Northeastern University
R. Lynn Rardin Mgr. of Scientific Computing Brandeis University
Cynthia Raymond Network Engineer Boston University
Paul Ricca Sr. Network Engineer University of Massachusetts Boston
Paul Roberts Senior Writer Ziff Davis Media
Bill Robertson Sr. Microcomputer Cons. Boston University
Arthur Rosata Director Information Security Boston University
Charlie Rosenberg Technology Manager BU School Public Health/Join Together
Joel Rosenblatt Senior Security officer Columbia University
Margaret Sanford Information Security Coordinator Emerson College
Donald J. Schattle II Information Security Officer Providence College
Richard Sharp Assoc. Dir. – Consulting Services Boston University Info Tech
Clare Shawcross Sr. Analyst/Consultant Boston University
Anupam Singh Suffolk University
Matt Spring Senior Analyst/Consultant Boston University
James Stone Director Boston University
Luke Sullivan System Administrator Brandeis University
Michael Sullivan Information Security Analyst Boston University
Nick Sullivan Senior Systems Engineer Umass President’s Office
Joe Szep Systems Administrator Boston University
David Tang Software Engineer Co-op Motorola Inc.
Andrew Teixeira Unix Systems Programmer Suffolk University
Mary Travers Children’s Hospital Boston
Dana Traversie Network Security Analyst VeriSign
John Turner Director of Networks & Systems Brandeis University
Jim Uhlman Senior Unix Administrator UMass Presidents Office
Linda Van Horn System/Security Analyst Tufts University
Charles von Lichtenberg Associate Dir. – Network Systems Group Boston University
David Warner Network Specialist Wesleyan University
Russ Wolf Senior System Administrator Boston University
John Yu Systems Analyst/Administrator Boston University