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Cost: There is no charge for SSL certificates.

Request SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are used to establish secure connections and protect sensitive information in transmission by encrypting it. With SSL certificates, the HTTP and FTP protocols are replaced by the secured versions, HTTPS and SFTP. If your application transmits sensitive data over the Web, you may need an SSL certificate to comply with federal, state, or other regulations.


An SSL certificate assures users that your website can be trusted. Communicate securely, without worry of data interception.

Key Features

  • Network connection is secured end-to-end
  • Certificate Authority verifies certificate owner identity
  • Public and private key encryption available


Please provide the following information when requesting an SSL certificate:

  • 2048-bit CSR
  • Common name for the certificate, plus any SANs (Subject Alternative Names) that are needed
  • Web server software in use (ie IIS7, Apache ModSSL, etc)
  • BU email address of the primary contact person for this certificate. A mailing list can be used instead of an individual
  • How many years (up to 3) the certificate should be valid

Getting Started

Request an SSL certificate here: