Information Services and Technology responds to a variety of different types of incidents that originate from our campus or affect our campus resources.  The following information may be helpful to you in identifying incidents and determining when to report them.

Since quick response is essential in limiting the damage caused by a security incident, we encourage all our clients to report information to us that may help identify breaches in our security.  If you are a member of the Boston University community and an incident likely involves the loss of protected or sensitive data you must report the incident.  You may use our online forms to report incidents or contact us via our hotline at 617-358-1100.

If you’re still uncertain if you should report an incident, you may wish to take a look at some examples of security incidents.  If you’re convinced that you have a compromised computer, you may wish to take a look at our guidelines for responding to a breach.

One type of incident that we do not handle directly is the physical theft of computing resources.  Thefts of computer equipment from the Boston University campus, or university-owned computer equipment stolen from any location should be reported to the Boston University Police Department.  Owners of laptops are encourage to register their laptops in advance through the Police Deparment’s STOP initiative.