The Information Security Incident Response Team (IRT) is responsible for coordinating the response to cyber security incidents at Boston University. The IRT uses security tools to monitor Boston University for indications of possible security issues or incidents. When an incident occurs, the IRT helps system owners and administrators respond properly to an incident, collects and analyzes evidence, assists in the recovery of systems to a secure state, and develops remediation plans. The IRT is also responsible for running Boston University’s copyright violation remediation system and for conducting computer forensic investigations

  • Cyber Security Incidents that may involve sensitive data must be managed correctly to ensure rapid resolution in such a way as to comply with legal requirements and applicable regulations and to preserve important investigative and forensic information.... more »

  • A U.S. Federal law called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requires that Universities have programs in place to respond to potential copyright violations. BU Information Security maintains a system that automatically handles such requests.... more »