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Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, External Research Collaborators, Industrial Partners

Cost: See cost details, below.

The Research Computing Services (RCS) group offers software packages for plotting, scientific visualization, modeling, rendering, animation, graphics programming, and image manipulation.


Visualization tools are provided within the same overall environment as our computation facilities, so data may be brought into visualization packages without copying. Large disks are available. Unix/Linux commands and scripts may run computation and visualization tasks in a unified manner.These software packages are supported by RCS consulting and training.

Key Features

  • Full “pipeline” of graphics tools for visualization
  • Plotting packages
  • Scientific visualization tools accessible via GUI, scripting, or programming
  • Professional-grade modeling, animation, and rendering packages
  • Image manipulation tools
  • Graphics programming libraries
  • Provision and configuration of software packages on our machines


Those interested in using visualization software on our machines should generally be on a Research Computing Services (RCS) research project.


No charge to the BU community.
There is a charge to industrial partners.

Getting Started

Learn more about our software packages.