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Manpage of IDB


Section: Intel(R) Debugger (1)
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idb – Intel(R) Debugger



idb [options…]
[executable_file [core_file]]



The Intel Debugger is a symbolic source code debugger that debugs programs compiled by the Intel(R)
C/C++ Compiler, the Intel(R) Fortran Compiler, and the GNU* compilers (gcc, g++).
For full source-level debugging, compile the source code with the compiler option that includes the symbol
table information in the compiled executable file.

Intel IDB supports DBX and GDB modes. In the GDB mode, Intel Debugger operates like the GNU* Debugger, GDB*.

For full details on Intel IDB, see doc/idb_debugger_manual.htm and doc/idb_release_notes.htm in
the installation directory (e.g., /opt/intel/idb/<version>).




Specifies an initialization command file. The default initialization file is .dbxinit.
By default, Intel IDB searches for this file during startup, first in the current directory;
if it is not there, Intel IDB searches your home directory for the file.

Specifies a new working directory.

Causes the debugger to use the default command line options set.

Causes the debugger to print the prompt when running in a non-interactive session.

Starts the debugger in default mode under Emacs.

Specifies GDB compatibility mode for command input and output.

Starts a simple graphical user interface for continuously updating source code and stack.

Prints help message and exits.

Specifies the directory containing the source code for the target program.
Use multiple -I options to specify more than one directory.

Specifies a pre-initialization command file.

Causes the debugger to act as though stdin is isatty(), regardless of whether or not it is.

Specifies the maximum allowable runtime in minutes for the debugging session.

Prevents the reading of symbol table information for any shared objects that are loaded when the program executes.

Starts a debugging session on a parallel application.

Specifies the process ID of the process to be debugged.

Specifies a debugger prompt. The default debugger prompt is (idb).

Causes the debugger to start but not to print sign-on message.

Specifies the input/output tty device for the user program.

Displays the banner which includes the version.

Specifies the program executable file. If the file is not in the current directory, specify the pathname.

Specifies the core file. If the core file is not in the current directory, specify the pathname.



Enter Intel IDB commands at the debugger prompt.

You can enter more than one command on the same line by separating each command with a semicolon.
Commands are executed in the same order in which they are entered in the command line.

Continue command input to another line by entering a backslash at the end of each line.

The most frequently used commands are listed below:


Exit from the debugger.
 help [name]

Show information about a command name
or general information about using Inel IDB.
 run [arglist]

Start your program (with arglist, if specified).

Display program stack.
 print <expr>

Display the value of expression expr.

Continue running your program (after stopping, e.g., at a breakpoint).

Execute next program line (after stopping); step
over any function calls in the line.

Execute next program line (after stopping); step
into any function calls in the line.

For DBX mode only:

 stop in [function]

Set breakpoint in a function.
 stop at [line]

Set breakpoint at a specified line
in the current file.

For GDB mode only:

 break [function | line]

Set breakpoint in a function or
a specified line in the current file.



 The maximum command-line length is 255 characters.

 Alias commands may contain no more than 56 arguments.




Default object file name.


Default core dump file name.

 .idbrc and/or .dbxinit

Initialization file. By default, Intel Debugger searches for these files at startup, first in the current directory;
if they are not there, Intel Debugger searches your home directory.



Intel(R) Debugger Manual: default location is /opt/intel/idb/<version>/doc/idb_debugger_manual.htm











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