Connecting to the BU (802.1x) wireless network

These instructions apply to Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. If you’re attempting to use 10.4 (Tiger) to connect to 802.1x, please see Apple’s support article.

  1. Make sure that the wireless card is turned on by clicking the AirPort icon on the menu and selecting the Turn AirPort On option.step1
  2. Now select the BU (802.1x) SSID from the list of available networks located in the AirPort menu. If you are the guest of a member of the BU community, choose the network BU Guest (unencrypted), instead, then open a web browser (e.g., Safari or Firefox) and you will see instructions on how to connect to the Internet. mac_select)ssid
  3. Type your BU login (your BU email address without the and Kerberos password and then click OK to connect to the wireless network.macauth

If you see a certificate warning…

  1. When you connect to the wireless network with the BU (802.1x) SSID, you may see a certificate warning. If so, click on Show Certificate.show_cert
  2. You may now be prompted to enter your Mac username and password (not your BU one) to allow this trust to be saved. If so, do so and click OK. keychain_allow


If you can’t log in:

If you’re repeatedly prompted for your name and password and are still unable to successfully connect to the BU (802.1x) SSID, you may need to synchronize Kerberos. While connected via Ethernet or “BU (requires VPN),” simply go to the Kerberos synchronization page (pictured below) and click the “log in” button.


Make 802.1x the default SSID for BU:

If you had previously used either “123” or “BU (requires VPN)” or “BU Wireless Help” your computer may try to connect to that network first. In order to be sure your computer connects first to the BU (802.1x) SSID, follow these steps:

  1. Open the System Preferences by going to the Apple menu and choosing it:Apple Menu -> System Preferences...
  2. Click on the Network icon in System Preferences.Network System Pref
  3. Click on AirPort in the left column, and then on the Advanced… button near the bottom right corner of the window.AirPort preferences
  4. Drag and drop the names of wireless networks so that BU (802.1x) is higher in the list than BU (requires VPN). Then click once on 123 or BU Wireless Help and click the “” button to remove it from the list.

Removing 802.1x configuration:

If you are still unable to connect or are getting notices that you have No Internet Connection, the following steps explain how to remove the 802.1x certificate and stored configuration.

  1. Turn off Airport by clicking on the Airport menu item and selecting Turn Airport Off.mac_select)ssid
  2. Navigate to your Applications folder and open the Utilities folder. Find and open the application named Keychain Access.
  3. Within Keychain Access, find the items named “WPA: BU (802.1x)” and remove them by selecting them and either pressing the Delete key on your keyboard or navigating to the Edit menu and choosing Delete.
  4. Turn on Airport by clicking on the Airport menu item and selecting Turn Airport On.

Now, you should be able to set up the BU (802.1x) network as if it were the first time you were connecting to the network.

What next?

You should now be fully connected to the campus network using the BU (802.1x) SSID and able to browse to websites both on and off campus.