Instructions for Setup (BlackBerry OS 4.6 and up)

1. From the home screen click on the Manage Connections icon.

2. If your Wi-Fi connection is turned off, click on the checkbox next to Wi-Fi to turn it on.

3. Next, scroll down to Set Up Wi-Fi Network.

4. Click Next.

5. Click on Scan for Networks.

6. Scroll down to BU (802.1x) and click on it.

7. Make sure Security Type is PEAP.

8. Under user name, type in your BU login name.

9. Under password, type in you Kerberos password.

10. Under CA certificate, select AddTrust External CA Root.

11. Scroll down to Connect and click.

12. Once you get the Connection Successful screen, press Next.

13. Click Finish.

You should now be connected to the BU (802.1x) wireless network.