Mac OS X Instructions

  1. Connect your computer’s Ethernet port to an active Ethernet wall jack, using a 10BaseT Ethernet cable.
  2. Open System Preferences by clicking on the icon in the dock, or by going to your Apple menu and choosing System Preferences.
  3. Once you are in System Preferences, click on the Network button.
  4. In Network, go to the Show: menu and select Built-in Ethernet.
  5. Enter the following information on the TCP/IP tab:
    • Set Configure: to Using DHCP
    • Set Domain Name Servers to
    • Set Search domains: to
  6. Click Apply Now.
  7. You have configured your Mac for BU Ethernet! You should now be able to start and use your network applications.*

* Note: If you are in a residence hall and this is the first time you are using your computer to connect to the campus Ethernet this year, you now need to open a web browser (Safari, Firefox, or any browser you like) and then follow the prompts to register your computer on the network.