IS&T offers two distinct but related monitoring services for Windows servers. The first is Microsoft Systems Center Operations Management (SCOM), which can be used to monitor a variety of Microsoft server applications. The second is TNT’s Enterprise Manager (ELM). Both of these services can be used to notify systems administrators when an application failure has occurred, to warn of impending problems with Microsoft services, and to monitor the health and performance of third-party applications.

Key Features

  • Allows administrators to be alerted for Microsoft based application warnings and alerts
  • Monitors the health and performance of the third-party applications that have management packs for SCOM or agents for ELM
  • Can monitor general system health including CPU load, available memory, disk usage, event logs, and process activity as any application that writes error messages to the Windows Event Log
  • Notifications are generated using a combination of vendor and custom applications, allowing IS&T to customize
    • whom to notify
    • when to notify them
    • which thresholds cause a notification
    • how to make the notification
    • how notices should be escalated and to whom

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