Information Services & Technology provides a central log repository for your syslog clients. Syslog is most commonly found on Unix and Linux systems but is also available for Windows operating systems.

The Central Log Server is available on our network as [].

Sun Solaris systems installed via IS&T’s network installation services are already configured to log to the server.

BU Linux systems have the correct entry defined in /etc/syslog.conf but it is not enabled by default.

To log to our centralized server, add the following line to your /etc/syslog.conf:

*.info                                               # send information to BU’s log server

The text of the comment does not matter. You will need to restart syslog after you add this line.

The central log server maintains a copy of all logs submitted to it for archival purpose according to IS&T’s data retention policies. Access to the logs is restricted to key IS&T staff who are responsible for maintaining the system itself or perform security and systems administration tasks for Information Services & Technology. We do not share or publish information from your systems.