Overview Baseline monitors file integrity and security. Monitored systems run a client application that records information such as file ownership and permissions, along with an MD5 hash of file contents, and transmits this data to the baseline server. The baseline server compares the client’s most recent data to previous data snapshots and reports any differences.
Available To Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Guests
Benefits You know when files change on your system. If you see unexpected or unexplained file changes, you know that your system may have been compromised.
Key Features
  • Fast and efficient system integrity checker
  • Provides an external and secure point of reference for security checks
  • Runs on multiple versions of Solaris, BU Linux, and AIX
Requirement A UNIX or Linux system you wish to have monitored
Cost No charge
Getting Started Complete information can be found on the Baseline homepage. Baseline software can be obtained from the download page.